Day on the Hill – Night on the Grounds


One of the Chamber’s favorite events is just around the corner! Advocating for our members on the local, state and federal level is an important part of what the Chamber does – and a serious part. But once a year legislators, Dubuque business leaders and community partners come together to – well – have fun!

Dubuque Night was created to provide the Dubuque community and business leaders with the opportunity to interact with legislators in an informal setting during the Iowa Legislature’s spring session. Over the years, Dubuque Night has grown into one of Iowa’s premier legislative receptions. This event brings hundreds of current and former Dubuquers together with state leaders in an informal setting in Des Moines.

On March 13 the Chamber will share the opportunity for Dubuque to take part in a fun filled evening as well as casual conversation with Iowa’s elected officials which include the Governor. Wonderful food and drink will also be served by Dubuque’s local elected officials and dignitaries!

This is a free event-sponsored by the Dubuque Area Chamber of Commerce & Tourism-and is open to members and non members – Dubuquers and non Dubuquers!

For more information – click here!


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